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Kate Gannett Wells

(April 6, 1838 - December 13, 1911)

Philanthropist, reformer and writer. She was for women's education and professional life and for equal wages' she was notably anti-woman suffrage. Her father was Unitarian minister Ezra Stiles Gannett, her mother was Anna Tilden, and her brother William Channing Gannett was a Unitarian minister, serving the church in Rochester where Susan B. Anthony attended. She was married to Samuel Wells, a Boston attorney. Their son was Stiles Gannett Wells, a lawyer; they also had a daughter, Louisa Wells and one other child.


bullet Wells, Kate Boott Gannett - Dictionary of American National Biography - may require logon to access (available at many public libraries)
bullet The Boston Cooking-School Magazine: The Frist Seven Volumes, 1896-1902 - includes a paragraph about Kate Gannett Wells
bullet Campobello Public Library - cofounder
bullet The Story of a Pioneer - mention of Kate Gannett Well's run for the presidency of the New England Woman's Club as the roots of her anti-suffrage stance
bullet Harriet Townsend on Julia Ward Howe - brief mention
bulletNorth End Walk - brief mention and quotation
bullet Neighborhood Association of the Back Bay History - mention
bullet Article - with a quote by Wells
Some of her writings:
bulletWells, Kate Gannett, "About People". The Century, vol. 29, issue 5 (Mar 1885).
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bulletThe Arguments against Woman Suffrage by Mrs. Clara T. Leonard, Hon. George C. Crocker, Francis Parkman, Esq., and Mrs. Kate Gannett Wells, Carefully Examined and Completely Refuted (1884) - apparently not online
bullet"Address of Mrs. Kate Gannett Wells," Woman's Journal (16 Feb. 1884): 53 - apparently not online.
bulletMiss Curtis (1888)
bulletTwo Modern Women (1891)
Archives for further research:
bulletWilliam Channing Gannett papers - University of Rochester
bullet An Argument Against Woman Suffrage

Print resources:

bulletMary M. Huth. "Kate Gannett Wells, Anti-Suffragist." The University of Rochester Library Bulletin. Vol. XXXIV, 1981. Pp. 3-23.
bulletJerome Camhi, Women against Women: American Anti-Suffragism, 1880-1920 (1994).
bulletWilliam C. Gannett, Ezra Stiles Gannett (1875).
bulletThomas J. Jablonsky, The Home, Heaven, and Mother Party: Female Anti-Suffragists in the United States, 1868-1920 (1994).

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